Ananda Bulgaria Invites You to Join us for Our Easter Retreat:

3 Day Yoga Retreat For Health, Happiness and Wellbeing

Maximum 5 Seats Available - Reserve Yours Today!

Dear friend,

Would you like Learn some Ancient Techniques of Yoga and Meditation and Natural Ways of Living & Eating to help you achieve increased physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being?

If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

Join Us for our 3 Day Easter Retreat to Discover Key Principles Of Self-Realization which can lead YOU to FEEL Happier, Calmer and Healthier Than Ever Before!

On 22nd of April 2022 at Ananda Bulgaria, we are opening our community space for a special healing, yoga-mediation retreat where you can Immerse Yourself in Peace, Calmness, and Joy by Practicing Ancient Meditation-Yoga Techniques. 

In this retreat you will learn many simple and really powerful techniques to cleanse the physical body and eat in better ways for increased well-being.

You will also learn & practice uplifting mantra chanting, such as Maha Mantra & Gayatri Mantra which are universally proven to give many spiritual, mental, and physical benefits when chanted correctly.

Enjoy This Retreat For Just 3 Days And Feel the Benefits Through the Whole Year

Although this retreat is for only three days, you will receive many benefits for your body, mind and soul, which can be enjoyed for months and even years to come…

Even if you only attend and don’t practice whole-hearthedly (although we encourage you to immerse yourself deeply in the entire schedule), you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of the harmonious vibrations of our spiritual community called Ananda Bulgaria.

In the Bhagavad Gita – Krishna (An incarnation of the Divine here on Earth) instructs his dear friend and devotee Arjuna.

In Chapter 2 stanza 40 he tells his disciple the following:

“My dear Arjuna, even a little bit of this inner practice will free one from dire fears and colossal suffering.” – Gita 2.40

Some Benefits of Staying at Ananda:

  • Enjoy the often sunny days & breathtaking views, of the nearby mountain

  • Make new like-minded friends. (The great yoga guru Yogananda and all the other saints have repeatedly emphasized the importance of satsang – Communion with like-minded people. They say that this is one of the most important aspects of the spiritual path and will help you ascend towards higher states of consciousness much faster and easier).
  • Eat delicious healing food.

  • Practice specifically designed yoga techniques to strengthen your body, calm your mind, and uplift your spirit.

  • Practice meditations that are specifically designed to harmonize your vibrations redirect your energy upward and take you closer to the infinite bliss of the soul.

  • Enjoy the benefits of Seva for 1h per day (Selfless service) Yogananda said that Seva is the best way to overcome the ego. (Tasks may include sowing seeds, planting weeding, digging, washing dishes, helping to prepare the food etc…)


Welcome to Ananda Bulgaria Properties:

Far from the threats and problems of today’s hectic world…Lies a beautiful green valley surrounded by high Blue Mountains, lush fields and tall forests…where life is completely different from what most people are used to…

Picture this:

An old dirt road twists around picturesque rural homesteads.

Pure mountain water springs from the ground.

Tall pines rise scattered among lush greenery and cover tall mountains.

Elevated snow peaks touch the deep blue sky.

Singing birds and calm breeze in quiet surroundings.

A thrilling sensation of freedom and joy.

There lies the picturesque village of Ananda Bulgaria.

Hidden from the rest of the world, but only in a short drive from Sofia and other major Bulgarian cities.

Where You Will be Staying

Ananda Bulgaria spreads over ten decares (2.5 acres) of green land with five buildings  in the countryside near the town of Kyustendil.

The accommodation for this retreat is in two renovated buildings:

Building 1 – Atmanna

Atmanna is a strong traditional Bulgarian house, renovated for comfort …situated on a hill overlooking a picturesque green valley that merges with the majestic peaks of Osogovo Mountain…

The house has 2 bedrooms and a sunny spacious kitchen/living room which is also used for yoga and meditation practice.


Building 2 – Prem Kutir (The Love Cabin)

Prem kutir is a brand new small detached cottage made of natural wood consisting of one spacious room with a comfortable mezzanine sleeping area.

Note: The rooms are shared between 2 people into each room.


At Ananda, we offer delicious healing foods, made from carefully selected ingredients, which are beneficial for your body and uplifting for your soul.

The science of yoga shows that different types of food have different qualities and vibrations.

If you want to advance quickly on the spiritual path and live a healthy happy and active life, it is much more effective when you eat mostly sattvic (pure and balancing) foods which are more beneficial for the body, mind, and soul, therefore lead to harmonizing your vibrations, and uplifting your energy and expanding your consciousness.


Large green smoothie, which includes ingredients such as; chia seeds, flax seeds, apples, bananas, cacao, and seasonal greens.


Healthy vegan meal with grains, vegetables, healing spices, etc. We rarely cook with onions or garlic due to their rajasic (restless) quality.


Light dinner, often including green salad, freshly baked homemade sourdough bread, rice crackers, sprouted lentils, olives, raw hummus, and other delicious healing foods.

We also include a wide selection of different herbal teas during the breaks.

Note: Although we serve generous portions, if you think you may wish to snack between meals, feel free to bring some snacks, but please refrain from bringing meat and/or packaged or canned foods.

Also Note: Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies (Our food is virtually gluten-free & vegan).

Retreat Schedule

Good Friday 22nd

14:00    Arrival, meet and greet, orientation.

15:00    Opening meditation (Approx. 20 min.)

16:00    Introduction to and tour of Ananda Bulgaria Community spaces.

18:00    Evening Meal & Get to know your hosts and fellow guests.

20:00    Short Lecture about Mantra Chanting followed by Mantra Chanting and meditation.

21:00    Questions and Answers & Sharing Circle (approx. 30 mins).

22.30    Silence and Sleep

Easter Saturday 23rd

06.45    Wakeup

07.00    Energization exercises + Guided Meditation (approx. 30 min)

07.40    Yoga (approx. 45 min) followed by break

08.30    Short lecture and demonstration – How & Why to make a Green Smoothie

09.00    Community Breakfast

10.00    English Lecture about the journey of the soul to God – approx. 30 min (Break for non-English speakers)

10.30    Bulgarian Lecture about the journey of the soul to God – approx.30 min (Break for non-Bulgarian speakers)

11.15    Meditation (approx. 45 min)

12.00    Seva (1 hour) followed by break

13.30    Community Lunch

14.30   Trip to the nearby lake (or alternative, subject to weather) with meditation / mantra chanting in nature (approx. 90 mins) followed by Personal time.

17.00    Meditation (approx. 45 min)

17.45    Laughter Yoga

18.30    Light evening meal

19.00    English Lecture – The three main practices to spiritual enlightenment – approx. 30 min. (Break for non-English speakers)

19.30   Bulgarian Lecture – The three main practices to spiritual enlightenment – approx. 30 min. (Break for non-Bulgarian speakers)

20.00h – Q&A & break

20.45h – Meditation (approx. 45 mins)

21.30    Personal time

22.30    Silence and Lights out

Easter Sunday 24th

Silent Day

06.45    Wakeup

07.00    Energisation excersises + Guided Meditation (approx. 30 min)

07.40    Yoga (approx. 45 min) followed by break

09.00    Community Breakfast

10.00    English Lecture – Original yoga teachings of Krishna and Jesus – approx. 30 min. (Break for non-English speakers)

10.30   Bulgarian Lecture – Original yoga teachings of Krishna and Jesus – approx. 30 min. (Break for non-Bulgarian speakers)

11.15    Meditation (approx. 45 min)

12.00    Seva (1 hour) followed by break

13.30    Community Lunch + Personal time.

17.00    Meditation (approx. 45 min)

17.45    English & Bulgarian Lecture – How to combine the best types of delicious healing foods to reverse disease & increase vitality & life-span.

18.30    Light evening meal

19.00    English Lecture – The three main components of blissful meditation – approx. 30 min (Break for non-English speakers)

19.30    Bulgarian Lecture – The three main components of blissful meditation – approx. 30 min (Break for non-Bulgarian speakers)

20.00    Written Question & Answers, followed by Personal time.

20.45    Meditation (approx. 45 mins)

21.30    Personal time

22.30    Silence and Lights out

Easter Monday 25th

Maintain the silence until after Yoga

06.45    Wakeup

07.00    Energisation excersises + Guided Meditation (approx. 30 min)

07.40    Yoga (approx. 45 min) followed by break

09.00    Community Breakfast. – Finish the Silence

10.00    English & Bulgaria Lecture – Healing modalities to Reverse & Prevent Virtually Any Disease

11.00    Mantra Chanting (approx. 20 minutes) followed by Personal time.

12.00    Seva (1 hour) followed by break

13.30    Community Lunch

14.00    Om Chanting Closing Circle (approx. 15 mins)

14.15    End of Retreat

See below for Additional options available to stay longer if you wish to extend this Community Living Experience.

Reservation (Save Your Space)

The usual price for this complete retreat, including food, shared room accommodation and all practices & lectures, is:

297 BGN (149€) per person.

However, as we are still in the process of improving and renovating some buildings and gardens in the community, for a limited time, we are offering a Special Reduced Price of;

Only 147 BGN (73€) per person.

Note: A non-refundable deposit of 50 BGN per person is required to reserve your place for this retreat.

Note: If you would like to stay for longer than this 3 day retreat, subject to availability, we may offer;

Additional Days for an extra 30 BGN (15€) per day (including food, morning and evening practice, and snuggling with the kittens 🙂

Please be sure to read the Ananda Silent Retreat Guidelines (particularly apply to our day of silence on Sunday) to help you receive the most benefits, and also to help others do the same.

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Your Teachers

Milen (Balgopal)

Milen (Balgopal)

Since he was a little boy, Milen was really keen to discover the meaning of life, and where true happiness comes from.

When he was 20 years old he left his home country hoping to find what he was looking for.

In 2002 when he was 25, he discovered the ancient teachings of yoga and Vedanta.

Since then he has devoted his life to find true happiness through practicing these teachings and to help others find it.


In 2018 Milen was personally appointed by Jyotish and Devi – Ananda Sangha’s Worldwide Spiritual Directors to take charge of the Ananda Community in his homeland Bulgaria and to spread the teachings of Kriya Yoga as taught by the great yoga guru Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda.

During the retreat Milen will give lectures, guide meditations, chant mantras, answer any questions about your yoga and meditation practices and help you as a spiritual guide.

Atma (Love)

Atma Love

Atma was born in England and lived a so called “normal” family life, while working mostly in the transport industry.

In 2005 he began to “Wake Up” after discovering some esoteric teachings and began learning and practicing meditation. 

In 2006 Atma began a new life journey after quitting his job as Financial Director of a Trucking Business which he co-founded and helped manage for eight years and moved abroad.

Over the following years Atma lived in Turkey, Mexico, France and India learning and practicing yoga/meditation and many healing other techniques which he loves to share with people he meets.


From 2012 to 2016 Atma founded and managed a Healing Retreat Centre in Mexico, but closed the Centre to be able to focus more on his personal healing journey, which led him to live for a while in ashrams in France and India.

In 2019 Atma settled in Bulgaria and bought a property (Atmanna), which is now a part of the newly formed Atmanna Bulgaria Community Village.

Atma also has a keen interest in blockchain & crypto-currency technology and in particular in Decentralised Fractal Community Governance to help Humanity break free from The Powers that Shouldn’t Be.

You can learn a little more about Atma’s home, along with some testimonials from previous guests here >>

and you can also read some of Atma’s diverse posts on his Hive Blog, here >>

Atma loves to sing mantras, live a minimal lifestyle, and grow healing organic food.

You can often hear him chanting mantras around the house and gardens.

During this retreat, Atma will prepare all meals and give some short lectures focused around nutrition and cleansing.

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