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Swami Kriyananda – Kriya Yoga – Highway to The Infinite

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You know meditation is very important, prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening for his answer, and is only if you listen you can get a reply, so in meditation your communing with God, you're not just talking to him.

And meditation brings you the experience of God, there are many kinds of meditation, the path of Kriya Yoga which Yogananda thought, which are line of gurus thought, is the most central because it expresses a universal reality that is true for all human beings.

The life force enter our bodies through as I hinted earlier through the medulla obloganta, at the base of the brain, it entered into the brain it went down the spine, out into the nervous system, and when we die that energy comes back, and we have to leave our bodies by the same root.

But because of our karmas our actions of the past. They bind us so much of the body that we lose consciousness and go out through the medulla in unconsciousness into the the other world where we wake up again but this world is not all that clear to us then usually.

Now Kriya yoga helps you to magnetize your spine and all these karmas and samscars or tendencies of the past which are settled in different areas of the spine all of these are sort of like a bar magnet, when a magnet, a bar magnet is an ordinary piece of metal that has been, all of its molecules turned in a north-south direction.

All bars of metal or iron have potential or latent magnetism but there molecules are turned every which way and the same thing with spirit, our tendency to go out in so many directions we don't have any magnetism.

Kriya Yoga helps you to align those molecules of tendencies you might say, so that all your aspiration goes up toward God it helps to burn the karma on the spine by lifting it to the brain and if your mind is calm it doesn't affect you and it is dissipated it's a scientific technique and as that karma is uplifted to the brain and all your energy moves of the brain then the energy and the kundalini the sleeping power at the base of the spine all of these finally unite with the spiritual eye kutastha chaityana, the point between the eyebrows which is the positive pole of the of the medulla and then the channel opens up to the top of the head

Крия Йога подрежда тези молекули на склонностите, така да се каже, и така целият ти стремеж се пренасочва да се издигнеш към Бог, изгаря кармата в гръбнака, като я издига до мозъка и ако умът ти е спокоен, тя не ти влияе и се стопява, това е научна техника и тъй като кармата ти, и всичките ти енергии се издигат до мозъка, тогава енергията и кундалини спящата сила в основата на гръбнака всички те най-накрая се обединяват с духовното око – кутаста чаитанйя, точката между веждите, която е положителният полюс на медулата и след това каналът се отваря към върха на главата.

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