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The Truth About Yoga – Part 2 – The 5 Major Yoga Types (EN)

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Hi everyone this is Ramananda again, in the last video weve talked about the introduction of what true yoga is, and about the 3 main philosophies which are the core foundation of Sanathan Dharma or the eternal religion Shankya, Yoga and Vedanta, which every serious yogi must understand if he wants to enter the eternal kingdom of bliss, fi you still haven’t watched this video I encourage you to do it, just click it here on the screen or look for it in the description below.

Now in this video I will introduce to you the 5 major type of yoga every serious devotee must go trough in order to achieve infinite bliss or Samadhi

To do that you would need to practice not only hatha yoga (or the physical yoga) which is so popular here in the west but we also need to learn about raja yoga or the royal yoga of which I will talk about later. You need to understand and follow in your daily life the following major types of yoga;

I will outline them now in this article (video) and later will go more in depth in sparate video for each one of them

I recommend to go and watch (read) all of them so you can understand yoga as a whole much better.

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First is Bhakti yoga – the yoga of love and devotion. Bhakti Yoga is practice of development of love and devotion to God. It is inward, spiritual practice. Is not about stretching in physical yoga asanas. The practice of devotion or Bhakti yoga is very very important part in the spiritual path. As the great Swami Sri Yukteswar said “Without love and devotion you can not set even one foot in front of the other in this path…”


Next is Karma yoga – the yoga of right action. Similarly as Bhakti Yoga, karma yoga is not a physical yoga. It also leads to deeper calmness and inner freedom, which will helps you reach the ultimate goal of Samadhi. In karma yoga you act in your life with the consciousness that it is not you that does all these things but its God acting through you, He is ultimately the real doer. The karma yogi tries more and more to redirect all his wrong impulses into wholesome ones. He is always being aware and reminding himself of the divine energy flowing through him as he acts.

8, 9

Next is Gyana yoga – the yoga of wisdom and discrimination similarly as bhakti yoga and karma yoga, gyana yoga or jnana yoga is not a physical type of yoga. Is the yoga of wisdom and discrimination. In this video (article) i shal reveal to you what exactly does that mean. The wisdom of jnana yoga comes through discrimination, or viveka in Sanskrit. Gyana yoga means to try to sifting out from all the confusing life appearances that which is the final truth in the heart of creation. And that is God and His infinite love manifested through all of us.

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Next is Patanjali’s ashtanga yoga. The great ancient exponent of raja yoga Patanjali, more than 2000 years ago wrote in His so called “Patanjali Yoga Sutras” the path of spiritual enlightenment and perfection embraces eight stages. This path is known as ashtanga yoga or (eight limbed path) or the (eight fold path).

Hatha Yoga is the Yoga of Physical Postures. Hatha yoga is not a separate yoga philosophy. Hatha yoga is the physical discipline of the wonderful teaching of Raja Yoga or the Royal Yoga. As you already may know the word yoga means “union”. On a physical level that signifies a complete integration and harmony of all body parts. Performing the hatha yoga asanas we provide to our body such a balanced support for all its parts in such a way that we purge away all disharmony, disease, discomfort or decay. In other words doing simple hatha yoga posses few minutes every day will help us return to our natural state, which is internal bliss. This divine state is the natural condition in which we all must return one day. Hatha yoga will make our body healthy and sound enough so we may achieve this state more easily and effortlessly.

And finally Raja yoga – the royal yoga. The five major types of yoga we emphasized before – bhakti yoga or yoga of devotion, karma yoga or yoga of activity, Gyana yoga (Jnana yoga) or yoga of wisdom and discrimination, Patanjali’s ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga – the physical path of yoga really describe the path which every devotee has to walk in order to achieve enlightenment and are one philosophy in different emphasis. They are not different, they need one another to make you a perfect yogi. They complement each other. You need to practice them all in your daily life if you want to reach the absolute truth and merge in the infinite bliss. Joined together they are the path of Raja yoga the royal yoga. Raja yoga leads you to enlightenment, to superconsciousness.

Thank you so much for watching this video, and remember; Love God, keep Him always in your thoughts, practice your sadhana, and live in joy. If you have received this Divine inspiration into your heart and you want to learn more about how to go faster to God, live in ever new Joy and achieve infinite bliss go to the next video here, or into the description below.

God bless you. Namaste

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