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What is The Best Yoga Posture?

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Once someone asked Swami Kriyananda - which is the best yoga pose?

Swamiji without a pause, said; The one that allows you to stay firm on your own 2 feet in front of any difficulty in life.

Patanjali, the great ancient sage, has written that the path to enlightenment encompasses eight stages.

(His doctrine is also known as Ashtanga Yoga, or "The eight-fold path" of yoga.)

The third stage of this eight-fold path is known as asana, meaning simply posture.

Each of these principles, when practiced perfectly, gives the yogi spiritual rewards that you can learn in the 5-Steps to Kriya Yoga Course here.

Some writers are trying to emphasize that Patanjali here referred to the need to practice the yoga poses as a preparation for meditation.

But Patanjali did not talked about the practices, but about the different stages of spiritual development.

Therefore, posture does not mean a certain series of poses, but only the ability to keep your body completely motionless as a prerequisite for deep meditation.

The end result of deep meditation is also the goal of any yoga pose and yoga as a whole.

Yoga means yoga - or union. Uniting the individual soul - jiva with the super soul or Paramatma.

There the yogi experiences as my guru Paramhansa Yogananda has said; Bliss greater than any imagination of expectancy

Any comfortable posture will do, as long as you keep your spine upright and your body relaxed.

A sign of perfection in asana is said to be the ability to sit quietly and motionless without moving a muscle for at least three hours.

Many people meditate for years without achieving noticeable results simply because they have never trained their bodies to stay motionless.

As long as the body is not mastered, one will never be able to achieve higher states of consciousness that are so fine that they can only flourish in perfect silence.

It is good, of course, to practice some of the yoga postures before meditation.

These postures help to achieve asana or steady posture.

Many yogis, however, make the mistake of thinking that they first have to perfect their yoga poses practice before even trying to meditate.

This cannot be further from the truth.

You don’t even have to practice the yoga poses at all to learn meditation.

Yoga poses are only one (though great) aid for meditation.

In Divine Friendship 🙂

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